24 Hour Local NJ Taxi To Newark Airport for $30*

Secaucus Taxi EWR Discount $32
Call 1-800-291-5382 for SUV/Van Rates



Secaucus Rates*!

EWR $30*
Jersey Gardens $35*

LGA   $60*
JFK   $75*

1-800-291-5382 24/Hours
*Rates are for 4 passenger sedan. Tolls & Tip are not included.






Clean vehicles, luggage accommodation, car seats available, advance reservations, all major credit cards accepted, open 24 hours, hourly rates, local courier services, luxury vehicles, local rates, long distance and out of state travel. *Tolls and tip not included.   Rate is for drop off only.  Subject to change without notice due to holidays, events and inclement weather.

Call:  1-800-291-5382 or Book from your mobile phone.

SecaucusTaxi Rates: Le Map of Harmon Meadow Plaza Secaucus NJ

Harmon Meadow Plaza Map Secaucus NJ

Traveler/Tourist Map of Harmon Meadow Plaza (Meadowlands)
Secaucus NJ

This map has just been updated (2014).  Yeah!

Also, if you have an RV or travel trailer, you can park at the wal-mart parking lot without hassle.  Call Wal-Mart if you have any questions about that at 201-325-9280


Restaurants located at 700 Plaza Dr Secaucus NJ:

Red Lobster
Tokyo Hibachi
Cheeseburger In Paradise

Outback Steakhouse is located at 455 Harmon Meadow Blvd.
Carrabba's is located at 485 Harmon Meadow Blvd.


Secaucus Taxi Rates: Frank R Lautenberg Train Station - Secaucus Junction/Meadowlands - NJ Transit Open 24 Hours!

Frank R Lautenberg Train Station
Secaucus Junction/Allied Junction
NJ Transit 

County Road & County Ave - NJ Turnpike Exit 15X
Secaucus NJ 07094
NJ Transit: 973-275-5555 

 24 Hour Local Taxi:  800-291-5382 


No ticket agents.
Open 24 hours.
Wheelchair Accessible
24 Hour Parking @ Edison Lot (Parking Fees apply) 

Pascack Valley Line
Morristown Line
North Jersey Coast Line
Montclair-Boonton Line
Northeast Corridor Line
Main/Bergen-Port Jervis NY Line 



Secaucus Taxi Service: Abusive, Aggressive & Threatening Customer Policy



It is our company policy to terminate all calls from abusive, aggressive and/or threatening customers.  Please, if you are unable to speak to us in a calm, respectful manner; call when you can.  Dispatchers are not required to accept harrassment and/or verbal abuse of any kind.   We are here to help you and it will be impossible to do so if the only information you relay is profanity.



Secaucus Taxi Service: Dealing With Multiple Flights and/or Multiple Destinations

I am very surprised at myself that I have somehow been remiss in writing about multiple flight situations.  Shame, shame, shame.  I have spoken to passengers about this over the phone and somehow thought I had written about it here.  Well no wonder they have been asking!  I have every intention of rectifying this today. 


PICT0841Real-time flight tracking of multiple flights

Let's start with what do I mean by "multiple flights".  Here is a scenario:

You are booking a trip to a specific airport yet all your friends/family are flying in from different parts of the country or simply couldn't fit on the same flight.  It is best to provide us with all of the flight information so we can keep an eye on each individual flight for delays, cancellations and early arrivals.  Also, since you wonderful people already know what each other look like (at least I would hope so or else you need more reunions in your future) it will be much easier for you to gather everyone together than our driver would searching for strangers while driving.

As each person lands, we will go by the latest flight information and schedule pick up at that terminal usually.  Yes, I said usually.  Life is change and change always occurs.  For example, if the majority of passengers are at Terminal A and the last person is at Terminal C well it will be your choice on whether we pick up at two terminals or at one.  There is a $5 fee per terminal if we are picking up at multiples.  We will work out what works best for you as every situation is not the same.

Also, when it comes to multiple flights all passengers must be informed of what the bottom line is with transportation, which simply means that we will be going by "last one in".  Some passengers might not want to wait around the airport with other friends/family and opt to arrange additional transportation.  Always discuss travel plans with all involved to minimise the possibility of a FUBAR incident.  

What would we need for multiple flight reservations?

Flight #:
Passenger Name:

Repeat as needed.  This works great for a single destination.  Multiple destinations with multiple flights can be performed as well as long as we know everything up front.  Well, except for overly personal information.  That's just.....wrong.  You know who you are!

Usually, when it comes to multiple destinations we go by the furthest, then do Stop charges and wait times if any, unless one or two are in opposite directions.  Okay, okay, now I'm the one providing TMI (too much info).  As I said before, we will tailor your trip to you and the situation.  We will be providing you with a list of options that you will be able to choose from.

Passenger Education: Round Trip Discounts

Discounts are only available on same-day round-trip non-local travel.  Passengers will pay the regular fare for the initial trip to their destination, the taxi will wait at the destination at $30/hr and then return the passenger to the pick up location. 

Let's use a trip from a location to JFK to drop off a family member and return home as an example.  Let's say the initial fare to the airport was $70 fare + $20 tolls = $90.  There is a one hour wait at $30 an hour and the taxi returns the passenger to the pick up location.  The total paid for the round-trip would be $120 plus tip and tax, in lieu of $160 plus tip and tax.

If it was a trip to the airport only with a return a few days or weeks later then the fare would be $90 plus tip and tax each way. 

Local round-trips are negotiable.