Secaucus Taxi Service: Passenger Education: Tolls; how much and what are they?

We provide, quite possibly, thousands of quotes per day.  As a reply to the constant question "How much is the fare from point A to point B?" our reply is usually "Amount plus tolls"  The passenger reply is either "Plus what?" or "How much are the tolls?"

There seems to be a lot of confusion about what tolls are and who exactly is charging them.  The bottom line is; not us.  Tolls are charged by the state (or sometimes private entities) on certain highways, freeways, expressways and interstates.  This is how road, bridge and tunnel repairs, and state trooper salaries are funded.  We cannot discount or waive the tolls as we have no control over how much the state wants to charge you to get to the airport, train, bus terminal or your house.  So far, we would have to say that PA is our favorite state, in the Tri-State, when it comes to tolls as their tolls are usually just $1.00 and the roads are smooth.  Makes you want to transplant them in Manhattan.

Tolls are charged round-trip by everyone.  From the NYC yellow cabs, airport shuttles and even your tour bus.   That means all tolls to your destination and any tolls to get back to base.  The round-trip tolls to JFK and La Guardia Airport from New Jersey are $31 plus whatever tolls from the NJ Turnpike or Garden State Parkway.

Port Authority of New York & New Jersey Toll Information
Lincoln Tunnel/George Washington Bridge/Holland Tunnel/Bayonne Bridge/Goethals Bridge/Outerbridge Crossing $15 (2015)

New York MTA Toll Information
Robert F Kennedy Bridge (formerly Triboro)/Verrazano Bridge/ Brooklyn Battery Tunnel / Queens Midtown Tunnel/Throgs Neck Bridge/ Bronx Whitestone Bridge $16 Round trip (2015)

NJ Turnpike Toll Calculator:  Remember to multiply by 2 for the round trip toll.  Secaucus is $5.50 Round Trip. (2015)

MTA to Raise Tolls, Again, in March 2015. Seriously!!?

We don't know about you, but we remember when the tolls were $3 to get across the Lincoln Tunnel from New Jersey to New York.  Then one year the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey raised it to $6, then $8.  We blinked and they were $12, then $13 and now they're $14.  It's depressing as hell talking to cash strapped, everyday Joe Schmoes and being forced to justify a price hike that is not even ours. 

Now the MTA wants to raise the tolls again within New York City.  So, in roughly a month and a half, you will hear us on the phone saying, "We are sorry, the tolls have risen" not really understanding why we are apologising yet feeling guilt by association to do so.  The good news is that we will be cursing the MTA under our breath right along with you. 

You may want to opt out for public transportation and, yeah, they are raising those fares also along with the tolls.  We try to be good neighbors and help as best as we can by providing alternate mass transit options.  Everyone should have the right to feel as if they have a choice.  If you will excuse the sarcasm.

Secaucus Taxi Service: NYC MTA Bridge & Tunnel Toll Hike Begins March 3rd 2013 at 2 AM

MTA Toll hike begins at 2am on March 3rd 2013 for the following:


New cash tolls

Bronx-Whitestone, Throgs Neck, & RFK Bridges; Hugh L Carey1 & Queens Midtown Tunnels  $7.50

Verrazano-Narrows Bridge (Roundtrip toll collected entering Staten Island only)  $15

Henry Hudson Bridge  (non-stop, cashless operation)  Toll by Mail:  $5

Cross Bay and Marine Parkway Bridges $3.75


You can find complete information HERE    The Port Authority Bridges and Tunnels fares have not changed.  

Secaucus Taxi Service: Toll Increase from $8 to $12 on the Lincoln Tunnel, GWB, Holland Tunnel, Goethals, Bayonne Bridge & Outerbride Crossing 9/18/2011 at 3 AM



As of September 18, 2011 at 3 AM, or 0300 hours, the Port Authority of NY & NJ will increase the toll on all tunnels and bridges to and from New York.  We initially thought it was simply chatter yet were able to find a link from the PANYNJ here:  New Bridge & Tunnel Toll Rates and PATH Fares Effective September 18 2011

The Lincoln Tunnel, Holland Tunnel, Goethals, Bayonne, Outerbridge and George Washington Bridge crossings will now be $12 which raises the round trip tolls to and from the outer-boroughs of NYC and New Jersey to $26 total.  

This affects all totals to Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island including La Guardia, Islip and JFK Airports.  So we are clear, our fares have not increased.  Tolls are paid directly to the respective States, which in this case is New York.  As you can see while en route to your destination where tolls are involved they are paid directly to the toll booth operator who is a representative of the State.  

We have not been informed of any increases by the MTA who operates the following:

Queens Midtown Tunnel
Brooklyn Battery Tunnel
RFK Bridge (formerly Triboro)
Throggs Neck
Cross Bay Bridge
Henry Hudson Bridge

We will be updating our website to reflect this new development so passengers will be informed and can update their travel estimates.  We will accept all wishes of good luck, minus the snickers, while we complete this site update.  




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