Secaucus Taxi - No Taxis From Anywhere Allowed at Superbowl XLVIII - Mass Transit & FanBus Only


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No Cabs Allowed at MetLife on Superbowl Sunday. Go to Secaucus Train Station or Harmon Meadow Plaza to take a taxi home!  Photo: Ashfak Majid


This is one of the main questions everyone is asking; "Can I get a taxi to Metlife Stadium on Superbowl Sunday?"  The answer is N. O.  No.  There is one way into Metlife Stadium during Superbowl and only those with parking permits, NJ Transit tickets or Fanbus tickets will be allowed in.

When they say, "No taxis allowed" they mean it.  Not from NYC.   Not from NJ.  Just to be totally specific, this includes the town where the stadium is located and Manhattan also.  Not from CT or PA or DE or anywhere.  No taxis means no taxis.  Only parking permits allowed, which were to be purchased in advance before game day.  You can purchase them, if any are still available, at the LaQuinta Inn & Suites ticket hub.

I hope this clarifies the taxi question.  If it does not, the large police presence at MetLife Stadium on Superbowl Sunday will clarify with very expensive traffic tickets, and quite possibly, a tow.

Secaucus Taxi Service: Superbowl 2014 Transportation Breakdown (Taxis, Buses & Trains, Oh My! )


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FEB 2ND 2014


TAXI SERVICE WILL be provided to and from Secaucus Meadowlands hotels and residences to Secaucus Junction and 500 Plaza Dr Secaucus NJ to connect to state provided transportation services going to Metlife Stadium.  Taxi service will be provided from Secaucus NJ, Union City NJ, Rutherford NJ, East Rutherford NJ, parts of North Bergen, West New York and Weehawken NJ, to anywhere you want to go after Superbowl 2014.  Local service, pick up and drop off within a town, will be limited to Secaucus NJ only.



There will be NO taxis, or town cars, allowed AT Metlife Stadium during Superbowl 2014.  The regular Metlife Stadium taxi stand will be closed.  This was a decision made by the state of New Jersey and the Superbowl commission.  Just so we are clear; no taxis AT Metlife Stadium to take you home or to take you TO Metlife Stadium during Superbowl Sunday.  There will also be no drop off/pick ups at the IZOD Center.  Several roadways to enter the stadium will be closed to enforce this decision.  

Fan Express Buses and NJTransit (unless you have rented a stretch limo) are the only transportation the state and Superbowl Commission have provided to and from Metlife Stadium to only a few set destinations in New Jersey and New York where you can access mass transit; see below:


Fan Express Bus

500 Plaza Dr Secaucus NJ.  Bus leaves at 1:30 PM on Superbowl Sunday, with second pick up at 500 Plaza Dr at 2PM.  $51 round trip only, regardless of age.

Marriott at Newark Airport

Several Locations in Mid-town Manhattan including Grand Central Station @ 42nd St and Penn Station at 34th & 8th.

Tickets for the Fan Express Buses are non-refundable, regardless of age and round trip only at $51 per person.  Bus Pick-up to return to Secaucus NJ will be in lot E.


Parking Permits

$150 per vehicle under 15 feet.

Once you are in, you cannot leave and come back.



Limited transportation provided from Metlife Stadium to Penn Station New York.

Limited transportation provided from Metlife Stadium to Secaucus Junction.

NJTransit transportation limits:  Trains will begin running TO Metlife Stadium at 1:30 PM on Superbowl Sunday.  Trains will STOP running from Metlife Stadium 2 hours after the Superbowl ends.


Stay safe everyone!